Žana, četvrta generacija samoukih slikara
Žana, četvrta generacija samoukih slikara

Zana, fourth generation of self-taught painters

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Danko Mudrinić - otac / father
Danko Mudrinić - otac / father

Obiteljska priča - umjetnost u genima obitelji Mudrinić Family story - art in genes famly Mudrinich

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Nagrada za 4.Mjesto 11/2020
Nagrada za 4.Mjesto 11/2020

Fourth Place Award 11/2020

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Žana, četvrta generacija samoukih slikara
Žana, četvrta generacija samoukih slikara

Zana, fourth generation of self-taught painters

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       Through my painting, I want to send positive vibrations.

I want people to stop for a moment, take a breath, and discover the beauty within themselves and all around them.

     The ART is an expression on the wings of freedom. When I am painting or drawing I am floating between my inner-self and the Universe. As a a lover of lifelong learning (psychology, medicine, philosophy, astrology, quantum physics…),   I transmit thoughts and observations to my work, a positive answer on human behaviors, feelings, needs, curiosity, looking for a connection with the intelligence of the Universe. The spiritual aspect of my being is looking for many answers to the complexity and connection of Human beings and the Universe. 


     In painting, I find my life purpose. In the twinkle of the observer's eye, I find my personal fulfillment.


Snježana Boyd – Žana lives in Opatija (Croatia). She is the fourth generation of self-taught painters Raised in a family of musicians and painters, in early childhood she was drawing, painting, and playing the piano. Under the influence of her father, she enthusiastically practiced various painting techniques throughout her childhood. Her mature years brought her back to drawing and painting. After a year of creating she had her first solo exhibition, opened a gallery-atelier, debuted at the International art competition in Croatia, and received 1st prize in the General group. After that, her painting career continues dizzyingly. Her works are located in many private collections in Croatia and abroad.  She had few solo and more group and juried exhibitions in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and USA.


2021   Honourable Mention

           International online jury group art exhibition COLOURS Gallery Ring, USA

2021   International Prize Dante Alighieri (the Award to the Artists  who have distinguished themselves with  their   work over the years of their career), curated by Salvatore Russo & Francesco Saverio Russo, Italy

2021   Bronze Award

           International jury group art exhibition online, MY BEST WORK IN 2020, Camelback gallery, USA

2020   Cristal Snowflake Award for the most-deserving work

            International jury group art exhibition online, HOLIDAY ADVENT SHOW, Gallery Ring, USA

2020   Fourth Place Award

           Contemporary Art Gallery Online, OPEN-NO THEME, Annapolis, USA

2020   Special recognition

           International online jury group art exhibition, 10th Annual LANDSCAPES Online Art, Light Space & Time

           Gallery,  USA

2020   "Juror's Choice" Award

           International online jury group art exhibition OPEN SEPTEMBER 2020 Gallery Ring, USA

2017   First price in the General Group

           32. International competition of fine artists Mandrach 2017, Croatia.


Solo exhibitions:

2021 Gallery -Atelier Zana- Boyd, Opatija

2019  Gallery -Atelier Zana- Boyd, Opatija

2019  Library Podsused, Zagreb

2018  Gallery Zana, Opatija

2017  Association Dea Modis, Rijeka



Group exhibitions: 

30.  5/2021. Gallery Ring, online, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA,  Group  International jury Exhibition COLOURS,  Honourable Mention

29. 5-6/2021. Mala Galerija, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia, International jury group exhibition of paintings BIENALE NEODVISNIH


28. 5/2021. Valid World Hall Gallery Barcelona, Spain, International jury group exhibition of paintings,  ARTBOX.PROJECT BARCELONA 1.0, 2020

27. 2/2021. Galerija -Atelijer Žana- Boyd - Opatija, Croatia, Group exhibition of paintings, sculpture and reliefs U POTRAZI ZA MASKOM


26. 1/2021. Camelback gallery - online, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, Group International jury Exhibition "My best work of 2020.", Bronze Award

25.  12/2020. Gallery Ring, online, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA,  Group  International jury Exhibition The Holliday Advent Show, Cristal Snowflake Award for the most-deserving work

24. 12/2020.  Group International Contemporary Art Exhibition “FABLE”

Concept edited by Alessia Perone, Art Curator, graduated in Sciences of Cultural Heritage and in History and Criticism of Art, Galeria M.A.D.S. Milan, Italy  more...VIDEO

23. 11/2020. International Group Jury Art Exhibition online. 7th Annual OPEN/No Theme Art Exhibition

Contemporary Art Gallery Online, Annapolis, USAFourth Place Award

The Artwork remains permanently in the gallery archive https://www.contemporaryartgalleryonline.gallery/

22. 11/2020. Gallery of Contemporary Art MADS, Milan, Italy

International Contemporary Art exhibition MATER "Reconditis Oedipus"  more....VIDEO

21. 11/2020.-10/2021. Fusion Art - online gallery, Palm Springs, California, USA, International group jury online art exhibition, 5tf Anniversary online Art competition


20. 10/2020.  Light, Space & Time gallery  by Fusion Art, Palm Springs, California, USA, International online jury group art exhibition, 10th Annual “LANDSCAPES” Online Art, ​​Special recognition

19. 10/2020.  Grey cube Gallery  - online gallery,  USA, Group international jury exhibition, The first Patterns online art show for the month of October 2020

18. 10/2020. Art Room Gallery Contemporary art online gallery, USA, Group international jury exhibition, 

"Artist's choice" Art exhibition

17. 10/2020. Painting Contest organization, Belize, Central America, The Gateway International Painting Competition August 2020 - online

16. 9-12.2020. Fusion Art - online gallery, Palm Springs, California, USA, "3rd Annual Women Artist". International jury group exhibition - online

15. 9-11/2020.  Artbox Gallery Zurich, Switzerland, International group exhibition. Organizer: Artbox.groups GmbH Switzerland

14. 9-10/2020. Gallery Ring - online gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, International group juried exhibition - online OPEN - SEPTEMBER 2020,  Juror's Choice Award

13. 1. 2. 2-3/2020  The People's Library of City Library Rijeka, Croatia, "Communion in  diversity", Joint exhibition of paintings. Organizer: Association "Ex Tempore Volosko" Opatija

12. 2-3/2020 Gallery -Atelier Žana- Boyd Opatija, Croatia , Colors of Carnival", Group exhibition of paintings and sculptures. Organizer: Associaton "Ex Tempore Volosko" Opatija

11. 2-3/2020 Restoran "Municipium" Rijeka, Croatia, "In the footsteps of childhood", group exhibition of paintings.  Associaton of artists  "Kvarner"  &  Gallerija -Atelijer Žana- Boyd , and night of love poetry - members of  Matica Hrvatske Ogranak Mrkopalj

10. 1-2/2020 City tower Lovran, Croatia, "KulArt KulKarneval" group exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and installations. Organizer: Association "Interval" Lovran (Rijeka EPK 27 neighborhoods )

9. 12/2019 City tower Lovran, Croatia, "KulArt" group exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and installations. Organizer: Association  "Interval" Lovran

8. 8-9/2019  Galerija -Atelijer Žana- Boyd,Opatija, Croatia, "The winners of Mandrach 2017., Joint exibition:  Georgette Yvette Ponté, Snježana Boyd i Nikica Karasa. Organizer: Association Ex Tempore Volosko, Opatija/

​7. 7/2019 Home of culture Mrkopalj, Croatia, ARTfest, group exhibition. Organizer: Tourist board Mrkopalj

6. 4-5/2018 - Istrian Parliament Poreč, Croatia, PRO FUTURA 12, group exhibition of art amateurs. Organizer: Public open High Scool Poreč

5. 4/2018 Gallery Atelier Paulić Bakar,  Croatia, Rijeka mini art in Bakar, Exhibition of Artworks / works of small format from the collection of donated works from First Salon of Miniature Art 2017. Organizer: Croatian Association of Artist Rijeka

4. 3/2018 Art Pavillion "Juraj Šporer" Opatija, Croatia, "Camellias - 10th Aniversary" group exhibition. Organizer: Croatian tourism museum Opatija 

3. 12/2017-1/2018 Art Pavillion Juraj Šporer" Opatija, Croatia, Croatian tourism museum present: "Artist from Opatija 2018"- Organizer: Croatian tourism museum Opatija

​2. 11/2017 Gallery "Juraj Klović" Rijeka, Croatia, First Salon of Miniature Art: "Rijeka mini art 2017" , Group international jury exhibition.  Organizer: Croatian Association of Artist Rijeka. 

1. 7/2017  32. International art exhibition "Mandrach 2017", Opatija, Croatia, First Price in General Group ....more



2021, Kanal RI, reportage - Solo exhibition  Footprints OF EXISTENCE

2021, Novinet.TV, regionalna mreža,reportage - opening exhibition  Footprints OF EXISTENCE

2021, List Grada Opatije br.240, interview

2021, Kanal RI, reportage from exhibition U POTRAZI ZA MASKOM

2019  TV Kanal, Rijeka, reportage/interview 

2019  TV Zapad, Zapresic, reportage/interview 

2019  Opatijski list, Opatija, Monthly journal - interview

2019  Zapresicki Spigl, Zapresic, A Journal for the Promotion of Urban Culture, Sports and the Economy - 




2017  Novi List, Rijeka, daily newspaper - interview

2017  Radio Rijeka - interview


Art critics:

"Since I have discovered the works of Snježana Boyd I'm following her development and with great surprise in her progress. She has a maturity that makes one think she has been drawing all her life. Her paintings intertwine elements of Post-Surrealism, Secession, and something else. At this moment I cannot with certainty categorize. I can say with certainty that they are on a universal level. I give her my support in developing her talent. Congratulations!"

Claudio Frank, Academic Painter, Catalogue First Solo Exhibition "Žana", Rijeka, 7/2017.


"Following in her father’s footsteps, Snježana Boyd continued the painting activity. Under the influence of her father, she enthusiastically practiced various painting techniques throughout her childhood. She mostly created drawings, which became her primary means of expression. She created compositions by the linear method in which objects and space are rhythmically broken down as an expression of universal causality. She created surreal scenes of accentuated narratively and symbolism, which borne by the intensity of vision are transformed into a state of higher reality.

Within the figuration of the layers of memories and subconscious, she creates an original version of fantastic realism. She creates magical and surreal scenes of accented motion and subtle vibrations. Her frequents themes are a stylized world of music, birds, amoeba, and various microorganisms that in collision with the world of distant planets are united into space abyss. In the linearly prominent mesh structure of the space are the energy forces that connect the entire Universe. With a virtuous drawing, often filigree, she depicts the surreal world of geometric and organic shapes."

Željko Čurčić, Mr.sc., Catalogue  "Family story - Art in genes family Mudrinić, Zagreb, 5/2019

"In the works of the artist Snježana Boyd - Žana positive vibrations are being transmitted, bringing out her thoughts and observations, as well as focusing on human behavior and the observer’s perception. A key element is the spiritual aspect, capable of originating an unbreakable bond between human beings and the Universe. Who is the person from whom this bound comes from and what does it stand for? The artist invites the viewer to observe her work and find the answer to this question. It is the woman who has become a mother, an endless source of energy and light, who illuminates our path, who gives us love and helps each individual to overcome any difficulty in life. As in the painting “Unbreakable”, there is a transcendental and indestructible connection between a mother and a child. This work is divided, in equal sections, emphasizing three main moments in the life of every human being: the birth of the child, recalling a Nativity typical of the sixteenth century; the growth, where the mother is stronger than ever and supports her child with all the love and joy of life; finally the separation, the moment when the child, who has now become a man, feels the need to create his own independence, starting again the cycle of life. The woman’s face is shaped by her tears because, whether they are of sadness or happiness, they give pure and vivid feelings that remain in our heart and soul. The different parts of this close bond expand themselves like a harmonious symphony and branch out into different leaves: these are the origin of the spiritual and physical evolution of both mother and son. For this reason, the woman, like a strong and powerful oak tree, offers her lifeblood to the child, conveying love and protecting him with hugs or holding his hand. In addition, the choice of certain shades to be used in her work are crucial for Žana: among them, the most important is the use of gold, which has always represented light, strength, warmth and richness, all that a mother can give with her life. Another predominant color is red, which represents vital energy and creativity, essential elements for the growth of a child; finally, black, which has the task of bringing together that maternal connection through a strong but flexible network on which life evolves and goes on. With this artwork, the artist wishes to dedicate to every woman the happiness of becoming a mother, giving strength and affection, hoping to that unconditional and infinite love with regards to a child of her."

Art Curator Alessia Perone, Catalogue MATER „Reconditis Oedipus“, pg. 292., Milano, 2000.  (video, more...)

“A painting for me is a surface covered with representations of objects, animals, human forms, in a certain area where logic and illustration have no importance. Perhaps, there is a mysterious fourth or fifth dimension which, intuitively, creates a balance of plastic and psychic contrasts by striking the eye of the viewer through new and unusual conceptions.” (Marc Chagall)



For the exhibition “Fable” at the M.A.D.S. gallery, Snježana Boyd - Žana presents a new and unpublished work: in “Playground of Dreams” the artist was completely inspired by the concept of the event. Going beyond appearances and keeping enthusiasm alive, through this painting art becomes the medium between reality and fantasy. The painting is loaded with imaginary elements that take shape in a surreal world, as if it was a plunge into the artist’s subconscious. Looking into the depths of the soul and of the human mind, Žana evokes the completeness of creation based on opposites: light and darkness, good and evil, bright colors and a black background. The alchemy of opposites helps to compose a multidimensional space, where every aspect blend to create a universe that involves the user, opening the doors to the realm of fantasy. By creating perceptive and sensory images, the imaginary world of Žana is open to anyone who wants to fantasize and travel in their dreams, immersing themselves in a compelling and intriguing story that gives free rein to desires and fantasies. The observation of this work generates amazement, and the observer is eft enchanted: at this moment the playful aspect typical of childhood and has now been lost with the maturity ages. Suddenly, between wonder and illusion, you can see a magical creature, like the dragon, playing with a princess. The animal watches over and imprisons our dreams in a remote castle, but the maiden helps him to forget his malice and invites him to have fun. There is no gravity, no negative thought, no pain that is not softened and erased, to leave room at imagination and carefreeness. Through the choice of bright and brilliant colors the artist communicates happiness and optimism, to the point of evoking life, dynamism and satisfaction. The perception of humanity is evident: a universal, intimate and delicate message, a poetic essential to live and admire the beauty of art and the fairytale world. The observer has the opportunity to fly over the wings of fantasy and to undertake a path of positive emotions and fun.


 “Knowledge is limited, imagination embraces the world.” (Albert Einstein)   


Art Curator Alessia Perone, Catalogue FABLE, pg. 308-309,  Milano, 2020.  (video, more...)


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