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About us

The reason for founding the Society Magnet Ltd. Abbey was: transfer bookkeeping service that has been operating since 1990 in the new company as a separate entity, with the aim of further expansion and upgrades in the field of entrepreneurship.


Bookkeeping Service was established in 1990 (one of the first the first in Croatia), and the first who developed computer programs for the needs of their profession.


The main objective and purpose of the company Magnet contained in its slogan:  "Quality of life of individuals through professional development and development of entrepreneurship."

Magnet is a member of the Association of Accountants and Financial Workers Rijeka. 

Activities/ Services:

  • - Assistance in the development of new businesses (from concept to its implementation)

  • - Increasing the knowledge and management skills of business owners / customers (through individual training)

  • - Offering complete professional assistance to domestic and foreign investors in establishing and launching entrepreneurship as well as in staff recruitment, in cooperation with our external partners

  • - Book-keeping and accounting services

  • - Connecting entrepreneurs in the market

  • - Promoting the significance and importance of accounting and financial profession

  • - Encouraging modern methods and techniques in accounting services and entrepreneurship

  • - Transfer of acquired knowledge, experience and technologies in the company's domestic and foreign investors

  • - Vocational training of personnel and economic staff and assistance in their professional employment

  • - Education and internal work control of accountants employed by others.


Magnet cooperate on regular basis with external partners:  lawyers, translators, notaries, tax consultant, auditor, real estate agencies, informatics companies and  construction companies.


Permanent clients:

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

  • - company

  • - artisans

  • - independent professions

  • - self-employed craftsmen

  • - non-profit organizations

  • - physical entities

Other clients:

- young entrepreneurs with no experience and those who want to start a business

-  people who want to gain knowledge in the area of ​​bookkeeping, accounting and administration in theory and practice

"Boosting EU economy through training of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) advisors" is a project with the aim to increase foreign investments by developing a unique training programme which will equip FDI advisors with all the knowledge, skills and competences needed to provide all in one support for internationalization and relocation of foreign investors in one place.


FDI Advisor en

Certified Foreign direct investment Advisors

Snježana Boyd

Aleksandra Švačko Rogulj

Gorana Sušanj

Matea Petković Činko

Iva Stambul

Ana Didović


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